“We have to change the way we change” – Agile transformation processes

Von Stefan Borst

In the „VUCA world“ the dynamics of change increase, while predictability decreases. Companies are challenged to become more agile and adaptable. In practice we experience however that in many companies employees complain about a flood of change initiatives that can hardly be completed. Besides that, uncertainty leads to the fact that many employees prefer to wait instead of risking mistakes.

Classical change management comes to its limits when the ability to plan is limited and the necessary pace of change is high. That’s where agile transformation processes needed.

The path to an agile organization must itself be agile. For this reason we have developed an agile approach to transformation processes. This processes starts quickly with approximate goals that are adjusted and sharpened on the way. It is planned and executed in short, iterative steps. This results in fast, measurable effects. This way, permanent change becomes a new normality in the company, without overstraining employees.

benefits of agile transformation processes

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