About us.

What we do.

Management Partner was founded in Stuttgart in 1970. As management consultants we have remained true to our line: Creating smart concepts is not sufficient for us. We apply our expertise to our clients in a way that turns plans into reality: Results that can be measured. Especially in situations in which companies have to cope with revolutionary changes that are difficult to plan.

For whom we work for.

Our name says it all: We see ourselves as a partner of mangement. Right from the beginning, we have been able to count technically oriented medium-sized companies, for example from the mechanical engineering and (automotive) supply industries, among our clients. Further clients are brand-oriented companies in the consumer goods industry (house and living-related) with multi-level sales, companies in the energy industry, the financial sector, as well as technical service. Our focus is on medium-sized companies and corporate groups. World-famous names can be found on our client list alongside those of hidden champions and smaller specialists.

What we are capable of.

We advise our clients on strategic issues, issues of organizational performance, leadership and corporate culture. Diversity in the consulting team is crucial. Management Partner's team consists of several dozen consultants with a proven track record in practice, proven specialists as well as generalists with a broader view. And quite a few unconventional minds. They all have one thing in common: the will to make our clients even more successful.

The difference.

We take a comprehensive view of companies and get them moving at the crucial points. We help them to bring their power to bear. Whether our consulting approach distinguishes us from others, we cannot answer conclusively. But we are sure that it is effective for our clients. Only that matters.

Balanced strategy

We support our clients in developing their strategy. In doing so, we combine the business perspective with the cultural side of the company and weave technological requirements and opportunities into the strategy work. This creates a solid base for the development of your company.


Added value is created when plans become reality. Our approaches of change promote elements of corporate culture, such as the effectiveness of managers in terms of strategy implementation.


Responsibility is a prerequisite for performance and ultimately the further development of companies. We support managers and employees in fulfilling their responsibility in the best possible way and in living commitment.


People and their development are very important to us. We are convinced that they want to develop and contribute. We involve people early in the process and support them in developing their energy.

Advisory work at eye level

We treat all people with respect, listen to them and strive for good relationships. We also do this for ourselves.


Our consultants know that results are not always immediate. We keep at it until we see measurable results.

our network.

SPACE Management Consulting Europe

SPACE Management Consulting Europe is an alliance of leading European consulting firms with a focus on "Organisational Effectiveness". SPACE is active throughout Europe.

Together with our partners we help organizations to make their power work. We focus on structure, behaviour, culture and economic performance. With SPACE Management Consulting Europe, your concerns with international reach are in the best hands.

Baden-Württemberg Connected (bwcon)

Baden-Württemberg Connected (bwcon) is a leading economic initiative for the promotion of Baden-Württemberg as a location for innovation and high-tech with a network of approximately 700 companies and research institutions with over 6000 experts.

Management Partner Unternehmensberater is a member of the network and cooperates with bwcon on topics such as knowledge transfer, networking, education (top level).

For our clients, added value is created by linking the expert knowledge in innovation topics from consulting and business development.